The Best £67 You’ll Ever Spend.

Howdy. Iain here.

You know how sometimes it feels like you’re making no progress in life? Have you been stuck in a rut for the past week/month/year..?

Well I’ve got a solution for you. Well, not me personally. But I can point you to someone who HAS got one.

Friends, meet Tai Lopez – entrepreuner, investor and author. But more importantly, he’s the creator of the “67 steps to the Good Life”. And those 67 steps are going to revolutionise your life.

What are the 67 steps? The 67 steps programme is a 67 day challenge, designed to rewire your brain. Each day you learn a new principle, mind set or guideline to getting the “Good Life”.

What is the Good Life? Anything you want. Anything you want in terms of health, wealth, love and happiness.

Why 67steps? Tai has researched the most successful people throughout history, and found around 250 principles of their success. Now 250 is quite a lot, so he whittled them down to 67 because it takes around 67 days to really cement a new habit.

How much does it cost? £67.

At this point, I hear some people moaning “I don’t really want to spend £67”.  “It might be a scam/that’s a lot of money/ yada yada yada.”

Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve pissed away £67 on things less useful than a life-changing personal development course.

I’m not going to tell you what’s in the 67 steps, other than what I’ve already said. Why? Well for one, I’m on step 40/67. And two, it’s Tai’s stuff. It’s not mine. Go get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

But more importantly, it’s time for YOU to put your money where your mouth it. If you’re reading DreamBigStartSmall, then chances are you want a change in your life. Now here’s your chance to make that change.

The number one thing that I’ve learned from the 67 steps is that you’ve got to INVEST IN YOURSELF. And I’m telling you right here, right now, that this’ll be the best £67 you’ll ever invest. Period.

And if you can’t take a £67 leap of faith, then I’ve got absolutely no sympathy for you.

Actions speak louder than words. Always.

No time? Bullshit. Make time.

No money? It’s £67. Come on.

First, as an introduction, here’s Tai Lopez’s TED talk. Afterwards, I’m sure you’re resourceful enough to find “Tai Lopez 67 steps” on google yourself.


Question For YOU:

Are you willing to spend £67 to change your life?


As Always,

Dream Big Start Small!

Peace out,