A Month of Cold Showers: The Results

1 month. 29 mornings. 29 bloody cold showers. Here’s what happened.

Damn friggin’ awesome!!!” ~me, on cold showers.

Cold showers have truly lived up to the hype, and then some. In fact, in my humblest opinion, there really is no better way to kick-start your day.

The most surprising thing has been how easy it’s been. Not easy, as in comfortable. But easy as in easy to fit into your day. It wasn’t something I really thought about before I started.

I mean, everyone showers, right? So with cold showers, you’re not adding anything extra to your daily routine. You’re just giving your routine a killer upgrade, taking it from “meh” to “hell yeah!!!!”

So, to divert some of my enthusiasm for the subject at hand, I’ve compiled a turbo-charged list of reasons why cold showers are just the greatest. So without further ado…

11 Kick-Ass Reasons why Cold Showers are for YOU. Let’s go!

1. Feel INCREDIBLE. When you step out of that shower, you feel like you can do anything. Because if you can stand 3 minutes of icy water, then what can’t you do?

2. It’s Quick. There’s no steeping in hot water here, folks. No lounging about. It’s base jumping vs. taking the stairs. Tempted to stay in for an extra 5 minutes? Not. A. Chance.

3. It Wakes You Up. No, really.

4. Helps You Fight Your Fears. Willingly putting yourself through and withstanding physical discomfort puts you in the perfect place to start crushing mental fears. Giving a presentation in the morning? Cold shower. Sitting an exam? Cold shower. Going on a hot date? Cold shower.

5. Mood enhancing. Damn, aren’t those endorphins just the best? Get high on a heady mix of endorphins, adrenaline and oxygen each morning with a cold shower. Enjoy the consequent after-burn effect for the rest of the day. See “Feel Incredible” above.

6. Puts You In Attack Mode. After a cold shower, you feel like a beast. In a good way. You’re hungry for success, and want to tear apart the day’s challenges like a lion does a juicy gazelle. Obstacles? Go get em’!

7. Clears Mind/ De-Stresses. If you’re still contemplating the worries of your day ahead, or what happened last night, then the water’s just not cold enough. Period. Cold showers cleanse the mind of thoughts, meaning your head is nice and empty to start the day. A clean drawing board, if you will, to be filled up by wonderful ideas and thoughts as the morning progresses.

8. Cold Water Adaptation. The human body adapts. What was once cold, will soon seem rather cosy. After a month, those freezing lakes won’t seem so freezing anymore. And hey presto, the Scottish Islands just became your new holiday destination. Score. The Caribbean is over-rated anyway.

9. Improves Circulation. Practice makes perfect. The more practice your body gets at going from “Ahh, this is nice”, to “HOLY SMOKES, this is f*#!%@g freezing!!!”, the more efficient at said-circulation your body becomes.

10. Upgrade Immune System. Flooding the body with oxygen stimulates white blood cell production. And white blood cells eat illnesses that are going round for breakfast. No, seriously.

11. Live in the knowledge that you’re a cold shower person. Because come on, James Bond takes cold showers. Need I say anymore?

So. If you want to feel incredible, de-stress your mind, start the day in attack mode, awaken the beast, improve circulation, adapt to cold water, beef up your immune system, and be like James Bond, then what the heck you playin’ at?!

Take a cold shower, (wo)man!

As Always,

Dream Big Start Small!


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photo credit: Louis eating and looking at me via photopin (license)