How To Be More Inspired, Every Single Day

Welcome to the final post in the series, breaking down Scott Dinsmore’s epic TED Talk “How To Find and Do Work You Love”. Among the people living their dreams, Scott found 3 things they all did, which you can do too. Become a self-expert, do your “impossible”, and surround yourself with people who inspire possibility. 

Us humans, we’re an impressionable bunch.

We become our environment. The things and people that surround us… they change us.

We’re like water.

You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle.

You put water into a teapot, and it becomes the teapot.

You surround yourself with happy people, you become a happy person.

You surround yourself with drug addicts, you become a drug addict. Savvy?

If we become our surroundings, then it’s high time we start being careful about what and who surrounds us.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn

In Scott Dinsmore’s story, he ploughed 100% into his business, only for it never to take off. Just before pulling the plug, he moved to San Francisco where he found himself surrounded by a bunch of inspiring people. People who were living their dreams.

Feeling incredibly inspired, he spent as much time with them as he could. Slowly but surely, his mind-set changed from “How can I possibly do this?” to “How can I possibly not do this?”

Again, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Without further ado, here’s  7 ways you upgrade your environment right now, to be more inspired, every single day.

Let’s go.

  1. Facebook.

How much time do we spend on facebook? Probably too much.

Why is Facebook first on the list? Because we spend too much time there, AND it’s the quickest, easiest change we can make to swap negativity for inspiration.

Take a quick glance at your fb feed.

How many comments inspire you? And encourage you to become better? And chase your dreams?

Now, how many comments are negative? Complaining about how life is so unfair, about how their jobs suck, about how Mondays suck, about how people are pissed off at X, Y and Z?

It is into this second category which I will sink my teeth.

Why You’ll Be Way Better Off Without These Comments.

Whether you notice it or not, negative comments creep their way into your subconscious mind.

Why is this a big deal?

  • It lowers your standards of your own life.
  • It drains your energy.
  • It paints the world in a negative light.

“It lowers the standard of my life?! What?! You’re talking absolute sh-”

Hear me out. We know that complaining and moaning ultimately accomplishes nothing. We know constructive criticism rules, and downright hatin’ sucks.. The mantra goes, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

So, given our attitudes to whining and moaning, what right do they have to be on our facebook feeds? Why are we letting this negativity seep into our lives?

The problem is this: Despite our noble intentions, I guarantee that you’re gonna find more to complain about in your life, just by reading these comments.

If you feed your brain negativity, you’re going to get out negativity. Period.

What’s more, is that our brains tend to remember negative experiences more than positive ones. For example, ask a city driver for their opinion on cyclists. Sift through the expletive-filled rant, and you’d be led to believe that cyclists are a demonic race; plagueing the city roads and infesting urban areas with their arrogant contempt for our quad-wheeled brethren.

“But what about all the good cyclists?”

After all, these drivers have had hundreds, if not thousands, of good experiences with cyclists. The number of good dwarf the bad. But, our brains make that one negative experience stick out like a sore thumb. So, awful cyclists become the rule, rather than the exception.

What I’m trying to say is… The negative stuff on facebook sticks in our minds a lot longer than anything uplifting.

And whether we notice it or not, negative IN = negative OUT.

As for the energy draining… we all know a habitual moaner. They’re easy to identify in their natural habitat; they never look happy. They always manage to find something to complain about.  How energised do you feel after an hour’s chinwag with them? Well, same thing applies to facebook.

So, we’ve identified a problem. Friends, here’s the incredibly simple solution to our woes.

Here’s what I’d invite you to do:

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Go to “News-feed Preferences”, in the drop-down where you can log out.
  • Go to “Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts”.
  • Remove Facebook dementors.

Done? Been on a trigger-friendly rampage?

Ok, let’s take it one step further.

Negative IN = Negative OUT. Let’s switch it up. Positive IN = Positive OUT. Or better yet,  Inspiring IN = Inspiring OUT.

Your mission, is to fill your fb feed with as much inspiration as possible. Find people who inspire you. “Like” pages that post motivational quotes. Join groups that share cool ideas.

If you love triathlon, find loads of professional triathletes to follow. If you love basketball, follow NBA athletes. If you swim, follow Phelps or Lochty. If you’ve got a business, then “like” BestBusinessCoachCa or Neil Patel.

Where does this leave us?

Well, we’ve removed the dementors. Boom. And we’ve replaced them with awesomeness. Boom. So now, you’re facebook is filled only with stuff that inspires YOU. BOOM!

Your bar’s been raised a million times higher. Instead of someone moaning about being hungover on Saturday morning, you’ve got Lebron James giving a bit of #StriveForGreatness. Your facebook’s baseline has gone from “Wow, life’s so… mundane” to “Woah! Life is.. AWESOME!!”.

Plus, with all the swathes of pointless crap suddenly gone, you’re not gonna accidentally scroll through half an hour of your life.

As soon as I’d done this, I felt so… at peace. My thoughts were much more directed and focused towards what I wanted. And overall, I’ve felt way, way happier. Awesome! Plus, I’m way more productive than ever before. Try this out!
! I swear by it.

Make Facebook a fortress for your dreams, ambitions, and inspiration. Say No to negativity, Say Yes to Inspiration. BOOM.

Untitled Infographic (2)


  1. Podcasts and Motivational Videos

Recurring theme alert: Inspiration IN = Inspiration OUT.

Two of the best ways to get a constant supply of epic life-fuel IN, is to listen to great podcasts and motivational videos.

The right podcasts are absolute GOLDMINES of knowledge. You plug your ears in, and boom, you’re ready to receive a stream of wisdom that’s gonna add so much value to your life.

What’s so great about podcasts? Well, you can take the inspiration and nuggets of knowledge everywhere. 10 minute commute on the bus? Podcast. 1 hour ironing session? (Have Mercy, Lord) Podcast. Cooking? Podcast. Shopping at supermarket? Podcast.

Choose a topic that inspires you, that makes you laugh, and that you’ll learn a ton of new things from.

My favourite podcast is Best Business CoachCa. Check out their fb page, and you can get links to Daryl Urbanski’s business podcasts. In each one, Daryl interviews an entrepreuner who’s absolutely killing it in their field. They talk about lessons learned from failures, habits, daily routines…

Even if you’ve not got business aspirations, check out a few of his podcasts. They’re incredible!


Motivational videos on the other hand… Well, who doesn’t like a good motivational vid?

There’s tonnes to choose from on Youtube – MotivationGrid has some truly epic stuff.

When you listen to these on a regular basis, your self-talk game goes through the roof. Your head seems to be constantly filled with motivational quotes that you can whip out, should the occasion arise.

I listen to “Be Phenomenal” almost everyday, and the audio in it is awesome. Although I’ve never made an effort to recite the quotes, I find my mind playing them back to me all the time.

“You got to go into the future and see it, baby!”

To this beast of a line, “The biggest enemy you have to deal with yourself. There’s an old African proverb that says f there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside may do us no harm.”

For procrastination, there really is no better way to spend 10 minutes IMO.

Oh, and there’s the vast universe of ideas that is Talk about productive procrastination.


  1. Join Clubs, Societies or Groups.

There’s nothing like a good kick of group-mentality. Find a group of like-minded people, all striving for the same objective, and you’ll be able to push yourself to a new level entirely.

Find someplace where you can contribute, and learn from others. Someplace in the community, or perhaps on the internet.

It could be on facebook, like Non-Job Revolution, or a group in real life.

And if there’s no group? Then go make one. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  1. Find A Mentor.

What’s a mentor? Someone who has your best interest at heart. Someone who wants you to succeed. And more importantly, someone who has been there, done that, and got the crazy-ass tattoo to prove it.

I.e, Someone who has skin in the game.

Because their advice is specific to your goals, and what you want in life, a mentor is a powerful ally to have in your team.

Where can you find a mentor?

Anywhere. Go find someone who has been there and worn the t-shirt, and spend some time getting to know them, their mind-set, and what makes them tick.

And thanks to technology, there are tons of great mentors online too.

Personally, Elliott Hulse has had a huge impact on my life these past 2 years, and I’d definitely call him one of my mentors.


  1. Read (Auto)Biograhies of Inspiring People.

Inspiring IN = Inspiring OUT.

Which is precisely what happens when we read about the lives of the greats that’ve come before us.

Find who inspires you. Someone who you feel a connection with. Then immerse yourself in their life. (Ok, the ol’ creep-o-meter is off the charts right now.)

Reading their biography, you’ll fill your head with their mind-set, with their thoughts, and with their actions. And whatever you admire in them? Your subconscious will slowly and surely start to take on those admirable traits for your own.

Read. Read. Read.

If you want a cheap supply of great, second-hand books, check out Free delivery!

Plus, we get a whole host of other kick-ass benefits from reading about our role models.

  1. Spend Time with Friends and Family Who Inspire You.

People who inspire you… are oftentimes right under your nose. (Ok, not literally, but)

My friends and family are some the good peeps who inspire me most.

Spend time with these people. Talk ideas. Do inspiring things.

Whether it’s having a deep discussion on Skype, going for a long walk, working out, having dinner, playing golf, a kick-about in the park or going on an epic mini-adventure.


  1. On a Final Note, Accepting Negativity is a Choice.

Accepting negativity from other people is a choice. Don’t accept moaning and complaining. If those around you are complaining and frustrated, turn the situation around. Make it positive. Find that silver lining.


Call To Action

Like it or not, most of us humans are pretty squishy to what and who surrounds us.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Here’s 7 actions steps we can do right now, to start filling our lives with more inspiration.

  1. Facebook. Unfollow negative people, follow inspiring people. Make it a bastion for dreaming big.
  2. Podcasts/Motivational Videos. Listen to something motivating and educational everyday.
  3. Join Clubs, Groups or Societies with like-minded people.
  4. Find A Mentor. In Real life, on youtube, or both.
  5.  Read Biographies of Inspiring People. Let their mind-set become yours. Swim in their thoughts.
  6.  Spend Time with Friends and Family who inspire you. Long walks, deep talks and everything in between.
  7. Choose not to accept negativity.


So, there’s 7 things that I’ve had huge results with. Why not give them a try? Make some into 30-day challenges!


See you next time,

Dream Big Start Small!

Love you all,




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