Do YOU wish you had more hours in the day? Become an Early Riser.

After a tough day at work, have you got no energy left to do what you want?

Feel like your paddling upstream?

Is Life like this?  Get back in control…

You get home, eat crisps, put on the TV, and collapse in a heap?

You go to bed, until the screech of your alarm gets you back to it.

Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar?

Too often it feels like lives on auto-pilot. A month or two passes, and it’s the same…

“How was your day?” – “Same shit, different day.” “Another dollar, another day.”

Life is too short to be playing the “same shit, different day” gig.

Let’s start taking life back. We need to be calling the shots.

The question is… how?

.. By becoming an early riser. (Cue terrifying gasps.)

Here’s how waking up early puts YOU back in charge, why it’s awesome.


It gives you time to work towards your dreams

Question: Everyday, who should you be paying first?

It might sound selfish, but stuff it. YOU.

Don’t give your dreams the energy leftover in the tank at the end of the day. Give them the full battery, as soon as you wake up.

By waking up early, you give yourself time. Spend that time working on your dream.

So before you’ve done anything else, you’ve already got one small step closer to your goal. That’s powerful.

What’s more powerful is how fast those small steps accumulate over time. And we’re not talking 2 hours every morning. We’re talking a small step. Bite-size chunks. 20 minutes or so.


Say your goal is to learn French.

Weeks and weeks pass by, but you’re going nowhere. You’ve pencilled it in the schedule for 7:00-8:00 every night. But, let’s be honest, when 7pm rolls around, you can’t be bothered.

And what does your morning routine look like?

Alarm clock screeches you awake at 7.30. You want to desperately hit snooze, but you get up, and have a mad dash around the house to get ready. By 8.20, you’re cramming breakfast down your face to leave by 8.30.

You leave for work stressed, and unmotivated. You go home knackered, and unmotivated

Now imagine getting up 1 hour earlier….

You get up at 6.30. The house is a tranquil haven.  6.40 to 7.00, you do 20 minutes of French. Bosh! You’ve taken a small step in a dream-wise direction.

7.10 – 8.00, you get ready. Now you’ve got half an hour to eat a leisurely breakfast, then stroll to work.

You leave for work relaxed, fuelled by an awesome breakfast, and ready to take on the day. You get home tired, for sure, but relaxed because you’ve already accomplished everything that needs doing.

Compare to the previous scenario. There’s only one clear winner here folks…

AND, you actually get some French done. 20mins every day. Or 600 minutes a month. That’s 10 hours. Which is the equivalent to going to a 2-hour evening class every week. Not too shabby at all.

By waking up early, you consistently have a window to work on your craft. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s why Ray Allen succeeds.


But it’s waking up early!

Yes, it’s waking up early. But give it a week or 2, and your body will adjust.

Before you know it, you’ll actually look forward to waking up. Imagine that.

And by taking a small step towards your goal, by doing a small action, it’ll motivate further action. After a month of 20 mins of French, you’ll feel like taking it to 45 minutes. Then you push the clock back to 5.30am, and it’s 1 hour of French everyday.

That’s 30 hours a month. That’s more than evening classes…. And there’s no drawn-out mental battle about whether to do, or not to do, French. It becomes part of your routine.

You just do it. Second nature.

By waking up earlier, and giving yourself time to work on your dreams, you take back control.

With every day, week and month that passes, you’re getting closer and closer towards your dream. Then when you look back in a year’s time, you’ll probably say, “Damn, I’m glad I started a year ago…”

And you could be doing anything in a bit of early morning free time.

You could;

  • Learn a language
  • Take an online course.
  • Work out.
  • Read inspiring books.
  • Write a novel.
  • Learn a skill; fixing cars, website design….
  • Cook healthy nosh for the day.
  • Study coursework.
  • Go swimming in the sea.
  • Build stuff.
  • Do ironing on a mountain.

As you start accumulating skills, you can even turn them into a side-hustle to earn money. Even replace your day-job. (Learning to code websites, writing novels….etc.)


But why the morning? Why can’t I do this after-work?

After-work, we’re all usually knackered. Our will power is running on empty. Doing what needs done in the morning just gets things done. Period.

But early rising has some other good things going for it…


  1. It sets up the rest of your day.

Your day generally follows your morning. (No way.) If your morning is rushed, stressful and hectic, your day’s probably gonna be the exact same.

If your morning is relaxed but purposeful, you’re day can’t help but be a little more awesome.

Plus, once you’ve already taken the small step towards your dream, you can relax at the end of the day. You can working further towards your dream because you love it, or just kick back and chill. Choice is yours.

Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again….


  1. You feel like a boss.

There’s something about walking into work at 9am, knowing that you’ve already lifted heavy stuff in the gym, or ran 5 miles, or wrote an article.

Knowing that you’ve worked on your dream… It’s that feeling of being in control of where you’re going in life. You’re in command. Life’s steering wheel? It’s yours now, baby!


  1. It’s quiet. Jedi-like focus.

When I wake up early, I hear….


Absolutely nothing. Maybe an owl or something. It’s great for concentrating. Once you’re in the swing of early rising, your mind just goes into Jedi-focus mode. Concentration? You’re ‘avin some.

yoda meme

Stuck on a maths problem? Need to write an essay? Working on a business idea? That extra concentration comes in handy.

And because you’re more focused, you’ll produce your best work too. With no distractions, you just get lost in whatever you’re doing. Work flows more easily.

Especially cycling. When I cycle in the morning’s, it is sooo peaceful. All you can hear is your tyres on the road. Halfway through the cycle, and the bright red sun comes up…

Man, it is incredible! Which leads nicely on to…


  1. Awesome time to work out.

Waking up in the morning with the sole purpose to work out… works. You’ll be way more motivated than if you leave it till after work.

And there’s no excuses. There’s no last minute meetings stopping you. There’s no “I need to eat”. There’s no “The gym’s completely crowded”.

Everything’s just simpler in the morning.

Plus, that “like a BOSS” feeling I was talking about earlier? Yeah, well, you get that from working out in the morning too.

Do some exercise, have a cold shower, eat a hearty breakfast, and BAM. The day is yours…


  1. You can watch the sunrise. And experience the freshness.
Just because you can.


Takeaway: Early-Rising

So, why get up early?


  • Gives you time to work on your dreams. You’re in control.
  • The rest of your day is epic.
  • Because you feel like a boss.
  • It’s quiet. Work with Jedi-like focus.
  • It’s an awesome time to work-out.
  • Nature and the sun are doing their thing. Quite nice to watch now and again.


I’ve been an early riser since high school, and I think it’s amazing. Mornings are awesome!

(Yes, I am one of those annoying morning people.)

What do you think? Do you wake up early? Or do you get tonnes done as a night-owl? What’s your take? Let me know in the comments!


So that’s it from me. Next post? How to become an early riser.

Dream Big start small!


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