Gettin’ Sketchy: An Update

I’m nearing the halfway mark of the month, and now have several butchered sketches of my favourite animals.

I have to confess, I actually started on the 3rd of July. No sweat.

Thoughts on the challenge so far?

Dare I say it, but… drawing might actually be…. fun! Find something inspiring to draw, plug yourself into the finest meditative beats from Youtube (shout-out avicii) and let the relaxing calm just wash right over you. I’ve ALWAYS – repeat ALWAYS – hated any sort of art. And now, with the mindset that anything is possible, I’m lovin’ a bit of pencil-on-paper action.

I could probably say something more profound here. Maybe drawing makes you appreciate the raw magic and beauty that Mother Nature has blessed us with. But then again, it’s only 10 days into this self-experiment, so it’s early days to be saying anything too deep. Bottom line: I’m enjoying something I thought I would hate, just by a change in mindset. Plus, Nature is pretty darn cool.

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